Sun Hats for your Garden.

As one of the most popular imported handicrafts, African baskets have become a favorite around the world. While beautifully crafted baskets are made throughout Africa, none compare to the quality, craftsmanship, and popularity of the baskets from the village region of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana. For decades Ghanaian Kinkanhe Straw has been transformed into brilliant works of art by skilled artisans whose intricate weaving techniques have made "Bolga Baskets" a household name.

Bolga Baskets International™ Bolga Baskets are all completely hand-woven and come in as many unique sizes, colors and patterns as they have household uses. From a gardening partner, to a grocery carrier; a picnic basket to the centerpiece of a fine living room, Bolga Baskets' uses are limited only by your imagination. Funky yet stylish . . . Both modern and timeless . . . let Bolga Baskets International help you find the perfect baskets for your lifestyle!!


Bolga Baskets International™ offers a wide selection of baskets to meet both your functional and aesthetic needs. Our popular "Oval" and new "Rectangle" baskets are perfect for afternoon picnics or carrying different sized items. They offer exciting variations of the basic round theme. Our large "Laundry" baskets are a stylish way to keep dirty clothes hidden and our simple, yet elegant "Fruit" baskets are a centerpiece on many kitchen tables. Our versatile "Flower" baskets are popular as gift baskets and make great Easter baskets as well, while our beautiful "Pot" baskets are a great way to enhance living room shelves or mantels. What can you do with a Bolga Baskets International™ Basket?

In addition to our wide variety of baskets, Bolga Baskets International™ also offers exciting purses, hats and fans from both Ghana and Burkina Faso. Our stylish purses come in many different sizes and shapes for organizing your belongings with a touch of culture. Our popular large and small rim Ghanaian hats are a favorite in the gardening community as well as any situation where you need to keep the sun off your face and still look your best.Bolga Baskets International's™ traditional Fulani Hats come in four styles and are the exact ones used by the Fulani ethnic group in the Sub-Saharan desert regions of Africa for the ultimate sun protection. We even offer traditional fans for cooling you off on hot summer afternoons.

Please feel free to explore our site to learn more about Bolga Baskets International's™baskets, hats, and other unique items from Ghana and Burkina Faso.